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JiXler works in tandem with partnering mobile

applications to make them better in a lot of ways.

JiXler links users to services and information particular to the space the user is currently in. By partnering with JiXler, a your users can be passively or proactively notified of the availability of your app's functionality within a space to establish an awareness of your mobile service offering.


We're talking about an instant connection to your services.

If the user has your app, JiXler can automatically open your app upon the user's arrival at a specific place.


If the user does not have your app, JiXler can instantly connect them to your mobile web applications portal, which gives you the choice of offering partial or fully functioning services and it gives you interactive opportunities to up-sell users to download your app.

JiXler finds your customers

and lets them know what

you can do for them:

JiXler gets your customer using your services far quicker than you previously thought possible:

JiXler knows Users are hyper-sensitive about how their personal information is used.

JiXler is the familiar face that introduces users to new mobile experiences giving users the confidence that their information is secure and used within their limits.


Users set their security preferences once, and experience a consistent interactions among all partnering mobile services. 


Reduces barriers

A strategic partnership with JiXler can clear the clutter that gets between your app and potential users.

Makes apps better
Reduces barriers

(and JiXler is on your team!)



There are a lot good ideas in the mobile industry, and some that are great, but let's face it, way too many of those worthy startups just cannot foster the traction needed to gain momentum. Really, it shouldn't be a surprise that no matter the app, the hurdle to jump to get the end-user to download any app, is astoundingly tall- Especially for single-purpose apps. For proximity mobile applications, this is quite literally an industry-wide obstacle that nobody has really solved... well, not until JiXler!

JiXer makes your mobile application smarter!

Makes apps smarter

For startup mobile technologies, leveraging  easy-to-deploy location-savvy features can level the playing field against more established brands. That's because JiXler's secure infrastructure controls access to data, enabling mobile applications to function differently in specified locations.



Beacons deliver accurate location responsiveness.

JiXes offer world-wide availability with sophisticated data permissions. Luckily, you don't have to choose one. JiXler integrates both technologies into one app. 

JiXler enables permission based Functions & data access activated by location

JiXler's proximity platform works in tandom

with BLE beacons

JiXler's is a social media, allowing you to leverage

a powerful user-base

The invigorating growth of social media is at the foundation of wildly successful mobile strategies.  If your application is utilitarian, plugging into JiXler may be what you've been looking for to enhance the dynamics of your service, accelerate adoption of your mobile app and boost usage rates. 


A strategic partnership with JiXler

can give your app superpowers.

Expands possibilities

Expands possibilities
JiXler Expands Possibilities and Reduces Barriers





make your app easier to use and give it far more capability

Noticeable results
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