JiXler connects online content to your natural environment.

Just open JiXler on location to find what you're looking for.  On-topic content extraordinarily quick and easy to find.

JiXler pairs online content to your natural environment.  This way, information is thoughtfully sorted according to how you see and experience the world.  The connection is made using a virtual geo-tagging object called a "JiX".

A JiX is a virtual round cylinder that is placed over real-world objects that allows anyone to connect online content.


This way, by attaching online content to the JiX, you are also attaching online content to an object or in a place.


A Poke´Stop in Pokémon Go is similar to a JiX: Both augment reality by positioning virtual objects within our environment.  However, in that a JiX is open-source, it contains any online content that its creator attaches to it, thus having endless possibilities for unlimited applications. 

Anatomy of a JiX
J = Anchor
 i = Info
X = Here
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