How to

Redeem Coupons

1) From the JiXler app, a customer can open the JiX located at your place of business, then scroll down to a coupon.  Here is an example:

2) To redeem their coupon, ask the customer to open your JiX, scroll down to the coupon and press the "Redeem" button.

3) A QR code scanner will open on their device.

4) Have the customer scan the QR Code designated for your Entity Account.

The QR scan function is shown in the top header.

JiXler gets customers to what they want, fast.

JiXler uses a JiX to automatically connect customers to info about your business or organization when they are at your physical location. 

Just by opening JiXler, the user is presented with online content pertaining to where they are.  

It's much easier and faster than traditional searching.

When in your JiX, they get your info, instantly

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