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Founder & managing Partner, JiXler, LLC.

Common Titles

Business Partner

City Councilman


Founder Overview

As a 1991 graduate of the Texas A&M University School of Architecture, I learned the essence of creativity never taught in business schools.  A lot happens between 1st idea and final concept.  


In 1995, while in the MBA program at Angelo State University, I launch my first startup, Rock 300, a bowling center music network broadcast via satellite.


In 2001, I worked with the team from Rock 300 to replicate a custom music program for the Sonic Drive-In franchise, still broadcasting today.


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What is Paul...





# of Startups


Douglas Oliver, Harvard Design School Grad, Houston, Texas. 

"A good architect doesn't go to business school." (Ask me about this, sometime)

George T. Alexander

George Alexander, Commercial Developer & Uncle, San Angelo, Texas. 

Decades of top-notch investment training.

Joh Morgan

Jon Morgan, VC, Midland, Texas

Aim bigger. Paul! Pursue what makes you at least $1mm, annually.



I see the forest and I see leaves. I rely on my team to tell me about the trees

Pretty much always something for my family, home or JiXler.



My wife and listening to God. They both keep me well grounded

Great ideas only come from thinking different than everyone else


No matter how many opportunities there are, simplicity allow others to digest a concept.  It  always helps add to the story others already know.



Entrepreneural DNA

Predictive Admissions 


How does...

Paul think?

Peek inside!

After retiring from the San Angelo City Council in 2013, I went thru a creative exploratory process specifically aimed at finding the largest, most obtainable technology gap in the mobile industry.  I ended up designing a new category of social media that makes a whole lot of things work easier, quicker and makes lots of things posible that haven't been posible before.  Just as important, I found a way for partnering entities to monitize just as quickly.  


The path from conception to the initial beta release took what I've learned about complex design processes to allow JiXler to take shape as it has today.  It's a blend of Architecture and Guerrilla Marketing. The best parts of many good ideas were accumulated and assembled to eventually reveal the simple commonalitiy they all had. This one element stood as the unique core that made the many benefits possible.  The JiX!  


The JiX literally manifests into an entire technological ecosystem, a simple, objective order by which data can be organized. The best part is that it is simpler than the addressable system that we have used since URL's,

simpler than using search engines and simpler than associating data with specific apps. The JiX system within JiXler goes back to the time before virtual data and brings data into our object-oriented world. Data is where it should be, instantly accessable.  This doesn't take away the usefulness of Cloud data, URL's and Apps, it's simply a new way to access data that will often have tremendous advantages. 


JiXler is a company that will prosper along with technology partners that choose to synergize efforts to play a role in building out this new platform.  If location means anything to your current product offering/s, JiXler may be able to make your technology smarter, by helping to connect your end-users to the right applications or information in specific places. That means, for example, end-users may not have to download your app to initially use your services, which removes a tremendous barrier to gaining new customers.  



If you want to find out how JiXler can empower your technology, contact JiXler, today.

How JiXler was conceived

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