How to create a new JiX

How do I create a new JiX?

Getting started

From the Home Tab (the middle JiXler tab at the bottom of the app's user interface), press the "New JiX" icon in the lower right section of the screen above the Me Tab.

JiX name/headline

When prompted, give the new JiX a name. This name is the designated name of the new JiX, and will be featured as a headline at the top of any display or selectable cell referring to the JiX. It also is the headline of any notification regarding the JiX.

JiX notification sub-headline message

Give the new JiX a sub-headline. This is the message included under the name/headline within any notification about the JiX. It also is included under the name/headline within the JiX when it is opened and displayed on a user's screen.

Key image

It's always best to include a key image. The image is square, and is displayed with the JiX, anytime and anywhere that the JiX is shown to the user. You may choose and crop an image from your device's photo library or you may take a picture and crop the picture. JiXler automatically prompts you to crop the picture.

Optional Image

The optional image is an optional 3:5 ratio landscape image that can be used to provide more information about the JiX. If the account creating the JiX is an entity, such as a business, this image can be used as a coupon. Furthermore, entities will be prompted with the option to provide additional images, each displayed on a designated day of the week. This is perfect for giving customers access to weekly specials.

What else do you want others to know?

Up to 3000 characters of text can be used to include additional information about a JiX. This form field is scrollable. Sometimes it helps to add a couple of blank lines at the end to make it easier for users to view.

Placing the new JiX

Position your JiX using the pin on the map at the bottom.

To move the pin, press and hold it, then slide your finger to the pin's new position.

Where the bottom of the pin is when you release it, is where it will plant. The base of the pin will ge visible in front of your finger so that you can see it.

Size the new JiX

The JiX size can be adjusted two ways. First by way of the knob to the right of the pin, by dragging the knob inward or outward.

Second, the user may zoom in on the map using the spread gesture. This gesture will first reset, the size of the new JiX, then begin to expand its size.

JiXler limits the size of a JiX

It is important to properly size the JiX such that it is contained within the area it is relevant to. JiXes that are excessively large may be reviewed and permanently adjusted by JiXler staff.

Set a start & end time

Press the clock icon to establish a start and end to the existence of a JiX. Both dates/times are optional. If a JiX does not have an end time, then it will remain permanently in its place until removed by the user or by JiXler. Note: Any JiX that is used for emergency or official purposes, must have a start date. In some cases, this start date will not be selectable, and will default to the current date/time.

Tagging friends

Press the Tag button (tag icon) to tag friends. Tagged friends are notified of this JiX and can use filters to find it and other JiXes they are tagged in. If they move into the boundaries of the JiX, they will recieve a notification, by default. If the JiX is marked as Private, tagged friends will be permitted to see the JiX and its contents.

Add sound recording

Press the button with a microphone icon to attach an audio recording to the JiX. To start the audio recording, press the "Start Recording" button. Recordings can be up to 30 seconds, and have a countdown timer as a visual reference to the time remaining. Press "Stop Recording" to end the recording. The recording may be played back by pressing the play button, the recording may be deleted by pressing the Cancel button and the recording is attacked to the JiX by pressing the "Attach this Recording" button.

When a JiX has an audio recording attached, it will display a Play button with the JiX when the JiX is highlighted on the home or when it is opened in JiX Detail view.

Note: At this time, audio files cannot be selected and attached to a JiX.

More button “•••”

The More button is for special options in accordance with your account type. There are several possibilities, and development of these features is ongoing. Therefore, the More button will display a menu that varies and changes over time.

Some of the choices are as follows:

This JiX is yours – Select this if you want to designate the JiX as created by you. This is useful when creating a JiX from within an associated Entity account.

This JiX is owned by an Entity – Select this if the JiX is to be created by an Entity account you help manage. That entity’s profile will be used, and not your personal profile. If your personal account has roles in multiple Entity accounts, then a picker window will appear for you to choose which entity to designate as the owner/creator of the JiX.

Turn Redemption Tracking ON - Specifically pertaining to Entity accounts, this will initiate the setup process for including coupons within a JiX by opening the Redemption Settings window. (See Redemption Settings for help with coupon settings.)

Designate this as an Emergency Ops Zone – Official agencies and JiXler support may be given the option to designate an area as an Emergency Operations Area, to be used in emergencies, such as natural disasters. These JiXes have unlimited size and trigger JiXler’s Search & Rescue functionality.


You may limit the visibility of your new JiX by setting the visibility to "Friends Only". Once marked Friends Only, your JiX becomes a private JiX that is only visible to you and those who are tagged.

The JiXler app will not allow you to save a JiX as Friends Only without also tagging friends.

Additional possibilities and features will be added in future builds.


JiXlinks are links provided inside a JiX. Up to three custom links can be added to a JiX, plus 4 social media links are optionally available to instantly link users to related Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Google profiles and pages.

The 3-custom links may each be given a display name. Within the JiX, the JiXlinks will appear as buttons with a name on each. They will link to the URL you provide in the associated URL field, which must include the prefix http:// or https:// For example: . The URL will be displayed for other users under the JiXlink button in small text for other users to quickly verify the validity of the link. Links also may be reported by users, if they suspect or find a risk.

Capture links using browser (button) – This is a tool for browsing the web without leaving the JiXler app. It is common for apps to restart as the current app needs resources to function. If JiXler restarts while you are in a web browser like Safari or Google, your new JiX information will be lost. The Capture links using browser button provides a browser within JiXler to avoid this risk and to save time.

At the bottom of the JiX Content Browser window is a form that allows you to capture the currently displayed webpage URL and assign it to a JiXlink. Simply give the JiXlink a name, then select which JiXlink it should be assigned to; JiXlink 1, JiXlink 2 or JiXlink 3. If a JiXlink is already assigned, the button will be greyed and will not be selectable.

Note: Using JiXlinks to spoof of trick other users could lead to termination of your account or accounts, including the Entity account you may manage. Putting users at risk by harming them or their property, or for linking them to inappropriate content, is not permittable. Review JiXler’s Terms and Conditions ( for more details.

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